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Our Community

Contributions to the community

Our community is why we exist. Here, you will see us in action supporting different organizations and being part of life-changing events.

Our vision is to be the first go to Immigration Consultancy, Recruitment and Advocacy that people go to because they know that we genuinely care about them.

Plus, we are still running at a 100% success rate with our Immigration Applications.
We love what we do and we are good at it.


Luis Respall

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers, Luis Respall and Maria Jimenez meeting face to face for the first time. Cheers to a continued 100% success rate and


Anzac 2023

We will remember them. Thank you for fighting for our future


Ashburton Warriors Club

Proud to be supporting the Ashburton Warriors Club We are one of the few Immigration consultancy firms who are actively involved in the community. We