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Services and Fees

Our Fees

*Fees may change without prior notice
*All Fees are GST INCLUSIVE, kasama na po ang GST


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How come the fees are not a fixed price? 

The Immigration Advisers Authority has an excellent explanation of why the fees vary.

A licensed adviser when determining a reasonable fee for services to be provided will consider some or all of the following factors:

  • the adviser’s experience and ability

  • the degree of complexity of the application

  • the urgency of the application, including any time limitations imposed by the client

  • the length of time involved in processing the application

  • the reasonable costs of running the adviser’s business

  • whether the application is lodged in New Zealand or offshore

  • the location of the adviser lodging the application

  • the number of people included in the application

  • whether disbursements such as third party costs, couriers, translations, copying etc. are included

  • the level of personal service provided

  • current market place fee levels for similar services.